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Foreign Missions

Defined as missionaries and ministries that operate in areas of the world other than our 50 states that comprise the United States of America.


From: Mark Dupont []
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2007 8:23 AM

Subject: prayer update

Thank you for praying for Robert and Elaine (Diane’s co-worker) Craw.  Robert works for the railroad, and last Friday afternoon he fell from a train car while they were hooking up cars.  Both of his legs were crushed beyond repair.  He lost one leg mid-thigh, and one leg mid-calf.  Diane hasn’t spoken personally to Elaine (they are still in Salt Lake City), but he appears to be in “good spirits,” and even joked as he was being life-flighted that he may be a little shorter, but he would walk again.  He had to have both legs operated on twice to prepare them for prosthetics.  Now they have the long road of recovery ahead of them.  Diane is printing out the e-mails that were sent assuring of people praying, and will give
them to the Craws when she can.  Thank you again for praying.

Mark and Diane Dupont


Subject: From Rita Vernoy

The Vernoys are trying to get things wrapped in to leave Venezuela, and Rita had this request:

“We have a legal matter that really needs to be dealt with and we ask prayer that the ‘fees’ will not be outrageous. Last time the request was for over $50,000 US dollars.”

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