Westgate is an independent, fundamental, Baptist church. Our philosophy of ministry is very simple.


Dr. David Parker
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To Become Involved
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Requirements for serving in this ministry:

  • Church Membership
  • Acceptable level of proficiency
  • Agreement with the philosophy of the church in relation to musical styles and modes of presentation to be used.
  • Faithfulness


  • Music is a means of worship and is directed toward God, therefore it should glorify Him rather than those who offer it to Him.
  • All Christians should be involved in the musical worship of the church, therefore congregational singing is essential.
  • The music used and methods of presentation followed should reflect the character of God; not the character of the world.  Therefore, CCM, which is an attempt to take the styles and methods of the world and adapt them to the music of the church, is totally unacceptable and will not be used.
  • Our music is an offering unto God and must be Biblically sound, and prepared and presented in such a way as to honor Him.
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